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How do I do it? Compare two dissimilar things without using the words "like," "as," "than," or "resembles." Either state the comparison outright, as in Example 1, or attribute the qualities of one thing to another thing so that the reader infers the comparison, as in Example 2. Use Metaphors to Persuade: Take a page from Seth Godin Metaphors are very powerful communication tools. They act as a lens, and get people to consider ideas or concepts in new ways. You create metaphors by combining two disparate ideas or concepts. For example, Seth Godin coined the term, "Permission Marketing." This is an interesting metaphor, because it's so easy to understand.

Author's Craft - Literary Devices - Simile - CAST Note: Chopin uses the idea of a pistol shot to convey the suddenness with which the character has fallen in love. The image of a pistol shot also suggests something physical, piercing, and completely overpowering. Writing Tips: The Importance of Imagery by Mary Keleshian Writers use metaphors and similes to compare what they are describing to an image that their reader is already familiar with. This technique assists the reader in making a connection with the real world. Metaphors and similes are strong literary techniques, but new writers tend to fall into comparisons that are overused. Metaphor Quotes (745 quotes) -

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An extended metaphor is one where there is a single main subject to which additional subjects and metaphors are applied. The extended metaphor may act as a central theme, for example where it is used as the primary vehicle of a poem and is used repeatedly and in different forms. Examples of Implied Metaphors Do you see how comparisons can be made between two items, and a vivid statement is created, with implied metaphors? It's not always necessary to be black and white in our writing. In fact, certain genres, such as poetry and fiction, lend themselves rather well to this form of figurative language . Extended Metaphor - Definition and Examples | LitCharts Why Do Writers Use Extended Metaphors? Writers use extended metaphors for many of the same reasons they use metaphors in general: To explain or describe an abstract concept in vivid and memorable terms. To help the reader make a new, insightful connection between two different entities that might not have seemed related. 7 Tips for Creating (Poignant) Poetic Metaphors | Power Poetry 7 Tips for Creating (Poignant) Poetic Metaphors Metaphors are a great tool to use if you want to liven up your poetry, and make people really think more deeply about what you write. Check out these poems that make great use of metaphor, and keep reading to find out what exactly a metaphor is, and how to use one correctly.

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An English Teacher's Dream: Metaphors in the "I Have a Dream ... In addition to being a speech of immense historical value, Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech provides brilliant examples of metaphor. "I Have a Dream" speech metaphors include the nation's founding documents, weather, freedom, brotherly love, hatred, oppression and money. Why Do Authors Use Figurative Language? | Why Do Authors Use Figurative Language? Figurative language is a device that authors use to aid readers in determining what is occurring in a written piece, such as through similes, metaphors or hyperboles.

Why Is Personification Used? Writers use the literary device of personification to help readers connect more with objects, to build imagery and to make a story more interesting. Personification gives non-human objects human-like qualities, which makes them resonate more with readers.

Humorous dialogue, funny plot lines and silly scenarios add creativity and interest to literary works. Writers often use satire, irony, literary devices and a play on words to add comic elements to ...

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Why great PR writers use metaphors and analogies Metaphors and analogies are important public relations tools. As writers we have many at our disposal. Just like tools you find in a traditional red tool box, you need a variety to achieve your communication goals. Understanding when to use these tools is just as important as knowing how to use them well. Why do authors use metaphors and similes - Authors use metaphors and similes to help describe people, objects or places. Metaphors are used to encourage the reader to draw a comparison between two seemingly unrelated things, and find ...

Literary Devices – The Metaphor. One of the greatest abilities a writer has is to express their message through memorable, convincing writing. The use of a creative literary device such as a metaphor allows a writer to leave an impact through their writing. When used effectively, the metaphor has the potential to change everything and inspire creativity in the reader’s mind. Why do authors use metaphors and similes - Authors use metaphors and similes to help describe people, objects or places. Metaphors are used to encourage the reader to draw a comparison between two seemingly unrelated things, and find ... Why do writers use metaphors? - Quora Metaphors allow writers to present or summarize a very complex idea that is developed throughout part or all of the text. In nonfiction, it's a powerful tool for making the ideas in the text accessible and memorable. In fiction, metaphor can connect you to the author in a surprisingly personal fashion,...