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14 Nov 2012 ... Friday 11/16: Musical Links investigation OUTLINE. Submit the TWO pieces representative of musical cultures. Submit the medium with which ... Musical Links Investigation - IB MUSIC Students who choose to write an extended essay in music should focus on a ... Format The musical links investigation must be uploaded as a media script of no  ... MLI Examples & Ideas | Imagination Creates Reality 9 Jan 2014 ... The MLI investigates cultures and uses musical examples to illustrate… ... That is the core requirement of the musical links investigation. ... why I am debating whether it is worth it to create a website or just write it as an essay.

Students who choose to write an extended essay in music should focus on a research question that has no common ground with the material of their musical links investigation. (Please refer to the General regulations: Diploma Programme.) The current prescribed works may not be chosen for the musical links investigation. Format

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PDF IB musical links investigation student guide • A comparison of two pieces of music both from two distinct musical cultures. • Contains at least two musical links • You are able to establish the similarities and differences between the music cultures • An investigation and evaluation on the MUSIC itself rather than CONTEXT that surrounds the music. MLI Examples & Ideas | Imagination Creates Reality On the other hand, I thought the musical links investigation was to investigate distinct music cultures, which would be the case for comparison in respects to Debussy (Western 'Impressionism'), and Miyagi (Japanese sort-of traditional). Musical Links Rubric -

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The variety of styles of media script may affect the length of the student's musical links investigation. For example, a student who presents similarities and differences in a tabular form as part of a website could achieve the same outcome in fewer words than a student who writes in a more narrative form, such as a magazine article or a radio show. Musical Links Investigation Free Essays - Fred Kim Mr. Gillespie IB Music 12 April, 2011 Musical Links Investigation Music is a form of communication that varies distinctively among different countries just as each country has their own language. However, music does not only vary with region, but also with time period and the neighboring musical cultures. Musical Links Investigation Guide: Analysis - OSC IB Blogs The Musical Links Investigation must be YOUR musical analysis and not rely solely on other sources. You may use parts of published analysis found in your research. This analysis must be attributed to the source in the body of the work and listed in the bibliography or works cited section.